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Our friendly and highly dedicated support staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. With our Ambassador version comes unlimited support to install, so please do not hesitate to use the contact us form and we will return to you.

You can also send a mail to

Please look through our FAQs below for frequently asked questions.


How to install CharityAntivirus?

Download CharityAntivirus by clicking “Get CharityAntivirus now” on our front page and follow the steps to reach installation.

  • Save the setup file to a location of your choice. We recommend you save it to your computer’s desktop.
  • Once the download is complete, double click on the setup file that you have saved.
  • The installation wizard will start and guide you through the process.
  • If there is anything else please feel free to contact us.
  • Thank you and we hope you enjoy your product!
How to perform a system scan with CharityAntivirus?

To start a system scan with CharityAntivirus please follow these steps:

  • Go to Start menu and click on (My) Computer
  • Locate the system partition (usually C: on Microsoft operating systems), right click on it and choose "Scan with CharityAntivirus".
  • A pop-up will appear in system tray -near the clock- and the scan will start.

Please let us know if you have other questions, thank you!

How to uninstall CharityAntivirus?

If you for any reason want to uninstall CharityAntivirus, please click here.

Access the link and when the window that contains the CharityAntivirus file appears, please choose the 'Save' option. Save the tool on the PC, then run it (if you are using Windows Vista/7/8, right-click on the CharityAntivirus_uninstalltool.exe application file and select "Run as Administrator"). Restart the computer when prompted.

If the issue persists, please run this tool in Safe Mode.

Check the Microsoft support article below which will guide you on how to restart Windows in Safe Mode:

We are awaiting your email if you require further assistance.

What if I have a virus, what should I do?

When you open CharityAntivirus you can see which files are containing a virus in the box; Quarantine. All contaminated files will be placed in this box and they are quarantined meaning that they will not be able to harm your PC.

However, if you permanently want to delete these files, click on ‘show files’, left click and choose ‘delete’ on those files you want to delete.

Can CharityAntivirus operate with Mac OS?

For now, CharityAntivirus can only operate on PCs and the programme does not operate with Mac OS.

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