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Accounting & Costs


At CharityAntivirus we want to involve all our partners in the way we work. Therefore we want to make our transactions visible to the public so that everyone can follow our revenues and costs. These transactions will be uploaded on a quarterly basis as well as an executive summary of the past quarter will be posted.

All comments, critiques or suggestions are more than welcome so we can improve our concept and raise more money to the children in the future.

We simply want to demonstrate 100% transparency in everything we do, as we feel it is important to show complete visibility when it comes to charity and administrating people’s money. We want to remove any scepticism that customers could have.

Paying customers

As part of our mission to help as many children as possible, CharityAntivirus is proud to be giving 100% of our profit to children’s charities. On top of that, 60 – 80% of our total profit will be going to our chosen charity partners. This amount can vary between 60 – 80%, depending on different costs such as promotions, support and administration.

We have built a strong relationship with the captain of the Danish national team, Daniel Agger, who is the founder of The Agger Foundation. Through his foundation, our money will be given to our chosen children’s charities.

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