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Janus R. Nielsen - CharityAntivirus founder

Financed the establishment of CharityAntivirus as a Danish LLP/ApS.

Janus R. Nielsen - CharityAntivirus founder

Financed the filming of the first CharityAntivirus promotion video. Main in Liverpool (December 12, 2012)

MYSecurityCenter - Financed website production

Delivering support, IT programming, frontend and backend development and on-going maintenance as well as finance consultancy in both production stage and first stage after launch. Approx. 3200 man hours delivered "free of charge" (Counted from summer 2012 till mid October 2013)

FrameOne - TV Commercial production

Delivered the idea, concept and directorship as well postproduction of the first CharityAntivirus promotion video "free of charge".

Daniel Agger - Liverpool FC footballer

Official Ambassador and celebrity endorser of CharityAntivirus on website, video and marketing campaigns

No charge for using him as an Ambassador.

Mads Langer - Danish musician

Official Ambassador and composer of the soundtrack “Dire Straits” for the CharityAntivirus marketing video.

No charge for using his song on the first CharityAntivirus video.


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